About us

Our menu is an eclectic collection of the best cuisine the Mediterranean region has to offer. From tasty appetizers served plate by plate to home-made style paella, we’ve got everything you crave. We will take you to the culinary journey around the Mediterranean’s traditional dishes accentuated with a international twist.

Aioli Restaurant & Cafe is a lively and upbeat restaurant located in the heart of Dubai Marina, next to Radisson Blu Hotel. Named after Aioli a flavourful Mediterranean sauce, Aioli Restaurant features a daylight breakfast, tantalizing lunch & dinner menu!

Adding a personal touch to our restaurant, making our guests feel at home while getting treated and served with our pleasant staff is what we aim for! No one leaves hungry that’s our rule.

Did you know aioli is pronounced eye-yo-lee?

Aioli, the ultimate sauce

Originates from a little place called Provence of southeastern France, almost meeting the Italian border to the east, known for its ancient mesmerizing olive trees that produce amazing olive oil, which is one of the key ingredient for the perfect Aioli.

Garlic is native to Mediterranean, and has long been a common seasoning in traditional cuisine.


Aioli, the butter of Provence is popular throughout the whole Mediterranean, where both olive oil and garlic have been staples for thousands of years. With its green taste of virgin olive oil and mashed garlic, Aioli is far older than any known sauce. It is not cooked or heated but eaten at room temperature, and can be used as a dip sauce or a garnish for a variety of foods.

If you want to eat something awe inspiring about eating a dish so basically delicious that it hasn’t changed across the rise and fall of civilisations, consider Aioli.

Finest culinary treasures & heartfelt hospitality

This is who we are

Forever share joy

Yes, we have been part of friends and family moments over the years, and it is our vision to fill our history books with more smiles that keep us inspired to be part of more joys in the future.

By creating good food, we affirm our enduring passion for food that brings together people, and create joyful moments.

By enhancing relationships both within our organization, and with our guests, we affirm how much we value people and the important part they have played in our continuing story.

By building a culture that inspires everyone to maximize resources, taking care of what we have now would allow us to help sustain what we do tomorrow.

Our values

  • Respect
  • Quality focus
  • Accountability
  • Teaming and collaboration
  • Hospitality

The exceptional quality

We take pride in a variety of our authentic dishes and high quality of our food using only fresh and finest ingredients available. To see our customers delighted is our goal.

Professional service

Our staff consists of experienced professionals who understand how to prepare and serve steaming hot, delicious meals, fresh bread and drinks in a clean and comfortable ambience.

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