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The Aioli Restaurant & Cafe is a lively and upbeat restaurant located in the heart of Dubai Marina, next to Radisson Blu Hotel. Named after Aioli a flavourful Mediterranean sauce, Aioli Restaurant features a daylight breakfast, tantalizing lunch & dinner menu!

Our menu is an eclectic collection of the best cuisine the Mediterranean region has to offer. From tasty appetizers served plate by plate to home-made style paella, we’ve got everything you crave. We will take you to the culinary journey around the Mediterranean’s traditional dishes accentuated with a international twist.

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Adding a personal touch to our restaurant, making our guests feel at home while getting treated and served with our pleasant staff is what we aim for! No one leaves hungry that’s our rule.

To us, great food and service go hand-in-hand, and one cannot exist without the other. We aim to always keep this philosophy in our hearts to make every guest experience with us truly a delight to remember.

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6AM - 1AM

Did we mention that we are serving breakfast from 6AM till 11AM daily?

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The Mediterranean

A geographic region, a climate, and a cuisine

Mediterranean food has become the most favourite cuisine for people around the world. We take pride in a variety of our authentic dishes and the highest quality of our food. Enjoy the exceptional flavour of what you're eating.

The most universally used and prevalent ingredient in the cuisines of the Mediterranean is olive oil. Olive trees are prevalent throughout the region. The pungent, sometimes bitter oil works its way into a variety of dishes, and is used both as a cooking agent and a dressing.

Fresh vegetables dominate Mediterranean cuisine, with a wide variety taking center stage in dishes throughout the region. They appear in dishes in a variety of forms: baked, roasted, sautéed grilled, puréed, and served fresh in salads.

The close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea provides easy access to fresh seafood, which makes frequent appearances in dishes throughout the region. Meat is generally used sparingly in Mediterranean cuisine, and, in most cases, tends to be grilled.

Joslin Gomes

Meet the Chef

Influenced and mentored by his mother Chef Joslyn Gomes passion runs deep into his blood. After graduating from a Culinary School from Mumbai, India he was on a culinary journey all over the world. Having gained valuable experience from his travel to countries like United Kingdom, United States Of America and the United Arab Emirates he has gone on to be moulded as a very passionate Chef.

Chef Joslyn is an avid food photographer as well who lets his food and photography speak for itself.

Creating new dishes and introducing new flavours spurs a hint of his 12 year gastronomic experience.

Currently promoted to Executive Chef of a new and vibrant restaurant Aioli Restaurant & Café located in the plush area of Dubai Marina, UAE where he showcases Mediterranean flavours in a simple but humble way.

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Every day from 6AM to 1AM
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